High-speed links and Mobility

VSAT has become a necessity for all military entities that need lightweight, compact systems that can move and deploy quickly and let them communicate with the command center for data transmission, voice calls, and real-time video with ultimate security standards.
  • Connectivity Services and solutions (VSAT – Radio System/ Microwave ( PTP / PTMP) 
  • Wired connectivity (Fiber Optics) 
  • Onsite support services  
  • Datacenter Infrastructure  
  • Call Center solutions 
  • Network infrastructure
  • Access Control and Biometric Systems 
  • CCTV 
  • Video management analytics systems 
  • Physical security information management (PSIM). 
otm land terminal

Key Benefits


Cost Reduction

Reduce communication expenses with Satellite technology

Stable Connectivity

It is important to have stable connectivity to achieve continuous production.


We make sure that our clients are taken care of after deployment.

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