Data Center and Cloud


Data Center

Data Center Infrastructure Solutions include: Site Evaluation, Infrastructure/Utility Planning Redundancy Strategy/Tier Rating. Computing Floor Space Requirements, Critical cooling systems, Building Labelling Program (Uptime, any other) , Power capacity and growth planning , Facility configuration, Physical Security requirements Fibre/Telecommunications Infrastructure, Architectural context planning, Develop Long-lead list , Distribution Transformers, Automatic Switchgear RECTIFIER / UPS / Battery Systems Generators, Fuel Storage, Precision Cooling


Shared Facility: share the cost of power, cooling, communication and data center floor space with other tenants. Higher reliability: offer greater protection from power outages and provide low-latency networking options, Higher levels of physical protection: apply more stringent measures for securing data such as CCTV monitoring, private suites, mantraps, fire detection, and suppression systems,

Grow as you Go: addresses the limitations of an existing data center by using the space in a colocation facility.

Cloud-Based Services

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), Software-Defined Networking (SDN) Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Storage as a Service) , Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) Monitoring & Troubleshooting (Billing software, monitoring) , Ecosystem Services (Backup as a Service), Application-Based Cloud (Platform as a Service & Application as a Service).

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